Left Coast Photography by Scott

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Product / Promotional

Most often, the first impression buyers get is from the photos in the MLS listing their agent sent them or the pictures that accompany an online listing. High quality images increase interest in your listing, and can add value to the property being showcased.

Photographic Services Offered

Your headshot is your calling card, and can be the difference between getting hired and not. A bad or simply unprofessional image makes you look unprofessional. You want to be seen as a pro, not an amateur, so present yourself accordingly.

Portraits / Head Shots

You spend months on end and thousands of dollars developing and redesigning your product, making sure each feature is just right. Making the investment in properly showcasing your value proposition is key in driving interest and sales.

Whatever specific type of imagery you present on your website, if your images aren't properly sized, then your page takes too long to present in the customer's browser and you lose conversions. If your images aren't properly tagged, then they don't show up in search, and fewer potential customers will even find you in the first place.

Real Estate / Architectual